A personal letter from Mike Anderson about an innovative group-coaching program on social-emotional learning (SEL) for school leaders

Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 1.25.43 PMAlmost every educator I meet agrees that social-emotional learning (SEL) is absolutely critical to student success. But, in my 15 years working with teachers and school leaders I’ve seen a lot of uncertainty and confusion about what SEL is and how best to go about teaching it.

Social-emotional skills such as working cooperatively with others are now embedded in many learning standards. Yet few educators are confident about blending SEL into day-to-day academic learning.

Strong leadership is clearly needed on this critical and poorly understood issue. Unfortunately, many school leaders don’t enjoy the benefit of a work group or learning community to help them clarify and shape their thinking and plans.

Which brings me to some exciting news.

I’ve just teamed up with Larry Sterne and Educational Research Newsletter & Webinars to offer a ground-breaking mentoring and coaching program to small groups of educational leaders from across the U.S. and Canada (and maybe from other parts of the world).

The sessions will be limited to 20 participants to allow for maximum interaction. The coaching group will be open to any principal, assistant principal, curriculum director, department head, instructional coach or other educational leader. The group-coaching program will take place over 9 weeks so that everyone has enough time to refine and test their plans for SEL with the support and counsel of fellow administrators.

Here’s the plan so far:

We’ll start off the 9-week program with a 30-minute private individual telephone call where I’ll introduce myself to you and learn about your particular challenges, questions and SEL goals.

We will then move to weekly 90-minute calls with video, which will be a blend of direct presentation, sharing by the participants and Q&A. These group meetings will be scheduled for Sunday evenings.  If you miss any of the sessions, this won’t be a problem because each one will be recorded and you can easily catch up whenever you have the time to do so.

We’ll also set up a private Facebook page so you can continue to engage with your colleagues in between calls.

During the 9-week session, I’ll be available to answer your quick questions, or to give you immediate feedback on ideas you have.

If this intrigues you and you want to learn more, please contact me and Larry with the form below and I’ll send you a schedule and additional details as soon as they become available.

Thanks for your interest!