How to Get Teacher Evaluations Right with Linda Darling-Hammond

Speaker: Linda Darling-Hammond

It’s easy to blame yourself for what’s wrong with how we traditionally approach teacher evaluations. This world-renowned expert on teacher evaluations and author of Getting Teacher Evaluations Right broadens your perspective on what makes evaluations effective.


Other resource:

Learning Policy Institute

Hard Conversations Unpacked–How to Be Better Prepared and More Effective in Your Tough Talks

Speaker:  Jennifer Abrams

Master the art of working through conflict rather than trying to avoid it. Jennifer deepens the dialogue on hard conversations and helps you expand the boundaries of your comfort zone with conflict. She shares strategies for being well-prepared for a difficult conversation and helps you build your confidence and develop a more other-centered approach.


Other resources:

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Amy Cuddy’s TED talk and research on body language

Leading by Design: Using Backward Design for School Improvement Planning

Speaker: Jay McTighe

Learn how you can use the backward design principles of Understanding by Design to make leadership decisions about school improvement planning. Jay helps you cut through the piles of data with his unique perspective and strategy to educational and administrative planning.


Other resources:

SIP handout

SbD template

Supplementary handout

The High-Performance Administrator: How to Better Manage Time, Workflow and Communication to Maximize Your Impact on Student Learning

Speaker:  Justin Baeder

This expert on leadership and productivity helps you stay on top of your heavy workload. Justin shares his high-leverage strategies for achieving a better workflow, spending more of your time on instructional priorities, reducing stress, prevent burnout, and generally improving your effectiveness and responsiveness to all who depend on you.