Be a humble warrior this year

Be a humble warrior this yearHumble Warrior is unlike other warrior poses in yoga.  In Humble Warrior,  you do not rise proud and tall, confident in your invincible strength.  You do not look boldly ahead inviting any and every challenge to your resolve.

In Humble Warrior, a pose that demands as much focus and strength as other warrior postures,  you bow deeply, your gaze lowered to the ground.  You do not look outside yourself for worthy challenges but focus deeply within because you know that  your biggest adversary is yourself.

Do you find yourself in September and October wanting to do everything better, bigger and more memorably than you did last year?

Come November, December or January, if not managed carefully, that praiseworthy ambition can quickly turn into impatience, discouragement, exhaustion and poor health.

In two recent webinars (The First Weeks of School: Best Practices for PrincipalsFirst Weeks of School: Best Practices for Teachers), Mike Anderson provides educators with many excellent suggestions for getting the school year off to a great start with students and families.

He tops off his recommendations with one that educators are more apt to hear later in the school year, but it’s just as important at the beginning.

Take care of yourself, says the author of The Well-Balanced Teacher.  Respect your own limits. Be sure to get enough rest, eat well, find ways to manage stress and get enough exercise. The beginning of the year is when habits are set for the rest of the year. Get up and take a 15-minute walk rather than reaching for the bag of M & M’s. You may rationalize reaching for the bag of M & M’s because a 15-minute walk seems too insignificant, but week after week, those 15-minute walks add up to improved fitness and health.

At the end of every day, write down one success you’ve experienced. Appreciate what you accomplish. Have breakfast with a colleague once a week to feel more connected.  Learn to accept compliments with a sincere thank you rather than deflect them. Learn to say no so you can better manage your time and energy.

Be the humble warrior this year.  You are not invincible, but you are still formidable.

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