Recent Research on Professional Learning Communities

8 lessons from most-improved schools on building a collaborative culture

Talent wins games, but teamwork wins championships,  super athlete  Michael Jordan once said about collaboration. Every school has its star teachers, but to truly win the “championship” and ensure that all students in all classrooms are learning optimally, teachers must constantly share what they know about instruction in a truly collaborative work environment. What can you… Tell Me More »

Shared vision can be a pitfall of Professional Learning Communities

Shared vision can be a pitfall of Professional Learning Communities

Shared vision and values, one of the core values of Professional Learning Communities (PLC), can become a means to produce silence and suppress other viewpoints, says a recent article in British Educational Research Association. Different, competing values are always present in complex social institutions such as schools, writes the author. “…The appeal to shared vision… Tell Me More »

What is classroom impact of teacher study groups?

Teacher Study Groups (TSGs) are intellectually stimulating for teachers, but how much do they actually change teacher practice and knowledge? Do they produce any results in the classroom or affect teachers’ views of professional development? A study of 1st grade teachers in Reading First Schools in 3 urban districts found significant effects on teacher knowledge… Tell Me More »

Parent-child reading programs

In British and Australian schools, the practice of sending children home with books so that parents can listen to their children read is widespread. However, some educational researchers are now questioning the benefits of some of these programs. Derek Toomey, Centre for the Study of Community, Education and Social Change, La Trobe University, Bundoora Victoria,… Tell Me More »

The uses and abuses of educational research

Jere Brophy of Michigan State University suggests some general principles for interpreting and making use of educational research findings appropriately. Focusing specifically on research into “teacher effects” (how a teacher’s behavior affects student performance) he warns that data can be unintentionally misused unless its limitations are understood by educational administrators and teachers. Brophy points out,… Tell Me More »