Recent Research on Teaching practices

Teachers reflect on how they listen to their students

Teachers put a great deal of thought into crafting questions that challenge students to think about what they are learning. But, according to a recent study in the Journal of Advanced Academics, teachers should pay just as much attention to how they listen to their students. After analyzing more than 50 recordings of individual middle school… Tell Me More »

Teacher modeling important for student engagement

Teacher modeling important for student engagement

To engage students as much as possible, teachers often give students feedback and frequent opportunities to participate in class.  But another important engagement tool is modeling desired actions or behaviors, according to a recent research review of teaching practices that increase student engagement in Preventing School Failure:  Alternative Education for Children and Youth. “While many desired academic… Tell Me More »

Classroom management more than instructional virtuosity

The belief that high-quality instruction eliminates troublesome student behavior in the classroom (the “false promise of instructional virtuosity”) is one reason many teachers are not adequately trained in classroom management, says a new study from the National Council on Teacher Quality. “The closest the field comes to an endorsed ‘approach’ is the apparent conviction that… Tell Me More »

Should class size depend on teacher effectiveness?

Imagine teachers protesting that they don’t have enough students in their classes or parents complaining that their children are in small classes. A new report by the Thomas Fordham Institute proposes a “class-size-shifting strategy”where the most effective teachers have larger class sizes, the less effective teachers smaller class sizes. (Right-sizing the Classroom: Making the Most of… Tell Me More »

Lesson Study helps align reading interventions with general instruction

Originating in Japan, Lesson Study (LS) is a professional development process that encourages teachers to learn from each other as they collaborate to develop an engaging unit or lesson. Recently, a group of elementary school teachers used Lesson Study with a new goal: To improve alignment among Tier 2 and Tier 3 interventions and general… Tell Me More »