Classroom Management Professional Learning Series for [name of your school or district]

First Weeks of School: Best Practices for Teachers

Speaker: Mike Anderson

The first weeks of school are critical for creating a good first impression on students and laying the groundwork for a successful school year.  Mike Anderson coaches you on developing  relationships with new students, communicating classroom protocols and expectations, introducing your classroom management style and building a positive community of learners .


Tune Up Your Classroom Management Skills

Speaker: Rick Smith

Ninety percent of effective classroom management happens before students ever act out, says Rick Smith, author of the best-selling book, Conscious Classroom Management; Unlocking the Secrets of Great Teaching. In this webinar, Rick helps you hone your classroom management skills.


Outwit Challenging Behavior: Last Best Strategies to Help Students Make a Breakaway

Speaker: Jeffrey Bensen

Step away from all the daily frustrations and get a fresh perspective on the kids who test you the most.


Voice Volume
Counter Transference
Strengths and Interests
Working in a Force Field

This Time I Mean It….How to Manage Classroom Behavior without Losing Your Cool

Speaker: Laura Riffel

Now’s the time  to think about how to best handle those problem behaviors that you know will arise throughout the school year. Behavior doctor Laura Riffel coaches you in focusing on the source or function of the behavior and keeping your emotions out of your response.  A compelling and authoritative speaker, Laura will give you lots of research-based “Tier 2” strategies grounded in the schoolwide positive behavior support model.


32 Tips and Ideas to Engage and Motivate Reluctant Learners

Speaker: Rick Smith

Every classroom has reluctant learners,  students who are passive, inattentive, quick to give up or disruptive. As an educator, it’s your job–tough as it is–to find ways to engage and motivate these students. Rick Smith provides K-12 teachers with practical strategies based on current research on the brain to boost student involvement, motivation, and retention.