How to Connect with ELL Families and Hard-to-Reach Families (recording)


Wendy Messarina Volosin is a parent/community liaison at the Marysville School District, a 22-school district in Washington State.

A native of Lima, Peru, Wendy is a certified translator and interpreter in Spanish, working for private investigation businesses, law enforcement, and medical organizations.




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Surveys/Notification templates


Interpretation and Translation services – Parents rights and Material for staff

Guide to Becoming an Effective Parent Liaison

Marysville School District

Thrive Parent Liaison Program



Marysville Bridging Cultural-Ethnic Barriers


Global Family Research project

Budgets and how to implement this program at your school

Beyond the Bake Sale: The Essential Guide to Family/school Partnerships by Anne T. HendersonReview short version and Onlinebook)

Biingual Handbooks

*Reporting to Parents in English and Spanish (Report card comments: Positive School Attitude, Negative School Attitude, Positive Work Habits,Time on Task, Listening, Effort, Work Habits, Problem Areas, Wasting Time, Following Directions, Not Listening,Working Up to Potential, Reading,Language)

*Spanish for the School Nurse’s Office Vocabulary regarding all aspects of student health and safety. This book contains sentence patterns in English and Spanish, sample letters for parents, and vocabulary lists which can be used to construct sentences appropriate for specific situations.

*A Bilingual Dictionary of School Terminology vocabulary for all phases of the school environment including the school office, classroom, playground, cafeteria, and nurse’s office. Useful for registration of students, classroom instruction (including SSL), communicating with parents, nurse’s office procedures, etc. In its 13th printing, it is widely used for teacher training classes.

*School office Spanish Vocabulary to assist parents in registering students and responding to questions they have regarding any aspects of the school program. Principals are able to communicate confidently with parents and students about (discipline, school policy, positive reinforcement, schools schedules, illness, absences and tardiness, and the wide range of questions students pose to office personnel.

Guides and Glossary for Parents

Bilingual Glossary for ELL families (Sciece, Social studies, Math, Language Arts, others)

Acronyms and Abbreviations

Glossary of Special Education Terms

Dictionary of Common Special Education Terms and Acronyms

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