Professional Learning Series for [name of your school or district]

Get Surprising Results with Underachieving Students by Addressing Executive Function Deficits

Speaker: Margaret Searle

Executive function skills are vital to the learning process, but an often overlooked root cause of some of the most mystifying classroom academic or behavioral issues.


First Weeks of School: Best Practices for Teachers

Speaker: Mike Anderson

These high-impact instructional strategies will help students apply critical mathematical concepts and skills with greater fluency and automaticity.  Find out about an important new strategy—Interleaved Working Solutions—that is very effective with students who struggle with the transition to grade-level math.



Take Charge of Differentiated Instruction to Speed Up Student Learning

Speaker: Carol Ann Tomlinson

Carol dispels common misconceptions about differentiation and flags common omissions in its practice. She shares key strategies you can add to your repertoire! This webinar is also recommended for administrators who want to lead teachers in improving their practice of differentiation.



This Time I Mean It….How to Manage Classroom Behavior without Losing Your Cool

Speaker: Laura Riffel

How to focus on the source or function of the behavior so that you can keep your emotions out of your response to problem behavior. Laura will focus on all levels of interventions for the classroom, from universal support with education and prevention, targeted interventions for minor disruptions, and “Tier 3” or intensive interventions for the most challenging behaviors.


The Male Brain in Your Classroom: 10 Strategies for Teaching Boys and Managing Their Behavior in the Classroom

Speaker: Michael Gurian

The more you understand how nature, nurture and culture shape boys’ learning, the more effective you will be as an educator of boys. Join Mike to learn about the brain-based science behind boys’ specific challenges, needs and strengths in the classroom.


Grade Smarter Not Harder: Updated Grading Practices That Are Both Fair and Practical

Speaker: Myron Dueck

Myron shares new practical solutions to many grading dilemmas such as late or incomplete work or how to handle homework. Participants will walk away with many user-friendly templates that can be quickly modified for use across all age groups and discipline areas.


Good Homework, Bad Homework: How to Tell the Difference

Speaker: Harris Cooper

Are you often uncertain about when and how to give your students homework so that it is relevant and worthwhile, not frustrating and pointless?  With research so mixed on homework’s impact on learning, Harris helps you make sense of a lot of seemingly conflicting evidence so that you can assign only the “good” homework.


Visual Teaching of Math Concepts

Speaker: Marian Small

This webinar will change your thinking about how you teach math and give you lots of ideas, sample tasks and visuals to use with your students right away. Appropriate for all grade levels.