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Large twin study finds that reading really does increase intelligence

Did you ever have a teacher or parent tell you reading makes you smarter? While they were probably just trying to make you read more, it turns out there’s new research to back it up. Improving reading skills early can pay dividends later in intelligence and reading level, according to reasearchers. A large longitudinal twin study in England and… Tell Me More »


Study identifies missing social skill for children who have difficulty making friends

Why is it so difficult for some children to make friends? Even children who are not popular often can develop close relationships with one or two peers. But the friendless child seems unable to find anyone who wants to get to know them better, putting that child at risk for poor mental health outcomes while… Tell Me More »

math discussions

Three follow-up strategies to keep math discussions moving forward

How did you get that?  It’s the quintessential question teachers use to start a math discussion in their classrooms. But what if the classroom discussion sputters?  What other questions and techniques do teachers use to guide their students toward a “productive struggle” with math problems and ideas? To find out, a team of California researchers collected video of classroom math discussions at an… Tell Me More »