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Does a child’s focus on pictures delay reading development?

Do you discourage your students from looking at and talking about pictures until they’ve become good readers? A new study in Reading Research Quarterly says that while it’s natural for teachers to be concerned that looking at pictures will delay reading development,  it seems to be a normal part of learning to read. In a year-long study of 2nd-graders’ classroom… Tell Me More »

Teachers reflect on how they listen to their students

Teachers put a great deal of thought into crafting questions that challenge students to think about what they are learning. But, according to a recent study in the Journal of Advanced Academics, teachers should pay just as much attention to how they listen to their students. After analyzing more than 50 recordings of individual middle school… Tell Me More »

Teachers make academic judgments based on how students dress

The best-dressed students are known to enjoy a certain social edge over their more unkempt peers. But,  in what may be another argument for school uniforms, teachers also judge their students on appearance. According to a large study of 1,311 fourth-grade Canadian students,  teachers rated better dressed students higher on academic competence, engagement and adjustment… Tell Me More »

Title IX and Transgender Students–Resources for Schools

Title IX and Transgender Students–Resources for Schools

Atherton High School policies Article on gender identity State of Michigan guidance to schools for support of LGBTQ students 51 Illinois families sue schools over transgender bathroom rights Philadelphia School District policy on transgender students’ rights  Department of Education Examples of Policies and Emerging Practices for Supporting Transgender Students Pine-Richland School District (Pennsylvania) letter to… Tell Me More »

To increase graduation rate, colleges rethink non-credit pre-requisits

To increase graduation rate, colleges rethink non-credit pre-requisits

Four years’ worth of college credits is daunting for any student. But, when colleges also require a bunch of non-credit remedial courses in math and English many students find the challenge insurmountable. Very few students who need to take non-credit remedial courses ever enroll in and complete their first college courses, says a new report from Complete… Tell Me More »

Large twin study finds that reading really does increase intelligence

Did you ever have a teacher or parent tell you reading makes you smarter? While they were probably just trying to make you read more, it turns out there’s new research to back it up. Improving reading skills early can pay dividends later in intelligence and reading level, according to reasearchers. A large longitudinal twin study in England and… Tell Me More »