High school math students score higher when parents sign off on monitoring sheets

Girlfriends going to schoolHigh school math students who had to obtain parental signatures on monitoring sheets of daily homework and test grades, performed better in their algebra classes, reports a recent study from American Secondary Education.  While many studies have examined the role of parental involvement in the performance of elementary school and middle school students, few have examined its role in the performance of high school students, writes researcher Hosin Sirvani of the University of Texas–Pan American in Edinberg, TX.

The researcher tested the use of twice-weekly monitoring sheets with four algebra classes of one teacher. Students in two of the classes brought home the monitoring sheets home for parental signatures and students from the other two classes did not.

Of the 52 students in the study, the 30 students in the experimental group averaged a grade of 75.64 for a total of 30 homework assignments and the 22 students in the control group averaged 49.51. Students in the experimental group also had higher average scores for the seven tests and one exam. The control group had an average score of 69.68 for the exam and the experimental group had an average score of 75.87. No gender effects were found in the results.

The researcher said the students in the experimental group outperformed students in the control group because parental involvement motivated the students to improve achievement.

The Effect of Teacher Communication with Parents on Students’ Mathematics Achievement, by Hosin Sirvani , American Secondary Education, Volume 36, Number 1, pp. 31-44

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