New website on using data effectively

A new website called Data First has been developed by the Center for Public Education as an interactive, step-by-step guide to using data to help schools in their decision-making. While it can be used by all educators, it was specifically designed for use by school boards.

 The Center for Public Education received a grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to develop training and tools specifically to help school leaders use data effectively. Data First for Governance is the product of a partnership of the Center for Public Education and state school boards associations in California, Illinois and Michigan who worked together over 18 months to develop and pilot the school board training.

teachersThe website guides educators through questions they should be asking about their schools, and point to the data sources that offer answers.

Some examples of questions that can be answered with data analysis:

  • Are our students ready for college?
  • What is the poverty level of our school(s)?
  • Is student discipline an issue? Is student attendance an issue?
  • Are our students graduating from high school?

The website also walks educators through the other steps of using data effectively such as aligning their resources, evaluating current practices and programs and assessing outcomes.

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