Students join book clubs on Facebook

iStock_000019889710XSmallA new book club application on the hugely popular social networking site, Facebook, provides a convenient environment for students to share ideas about books and authors, reports the Library Science Journal, which chose the “Book Clubs” application as its website of the month in June.

Students can join one of hundreds of existing reading groups or instantly create book clubs of their own on Facebook. Several high schools and libraries already have set up their own book groups. Among the hundreds of existing groups for readers of all ages are book clubs on the mystery/thriller/vampire genre, Stephen King, science fiction, Twilight, etc.

Students can post comments about a book or author, rate or review books, chat, and complete a discussion guide. They can also build a personal library (booklist) from a vast, searchable database of book titles.

One of the developers of the application, Rusty Weston, says he encourages kids to form their own private book clubs, too.

“Facebook’s Book Clubs Gets Kids Excited About Reading”, School Library Journal, May, 21, 2009

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