TedEd provides new resource for classroom, flipped or not

iStock_000022973452XSmallTedEd is a new resource from TED talks developed with the flipped classroom in mind. Choose a video to bring to the classroom from a still-limited selection of videos created by teams of teachers and animators or just use an online tool that allows you to add titles, directions and links to other resources to a video you find on YouTube or Ted or one that you’ve created yourself.

TedEd provides new resource for classroom, flipped or not

These videos then live on the TedEd website and each have their own unique URL. To the right of the video is a panel with the commands, Watch, Think, Dig Deeper and …And Finally. In one flipped video, when students click Think on the right panel, the video continues to play but students see a brief description of the video and the first of 3 questions. To see the other questions they must click on the number 2 and 3.

When students click Dig Deeper, they see a list of additional resources.…And Finally invites students to look for additional resources. In another video, …And Finally poses a concluding question. Teachers can add activities to these commands and include opportunities for students to do something active.

YouTube is full of fantastic videos that reinforce early learning concepts like vocabulary, rhyming, numeracy and science,” says teacher Shawn Rubin in her guest post on the Innovative Educator blow. “Each of these videos provides a way for teachers and students to engage with new content, but when they stand alone they have much less impact on long-term retention of information.

“Flipping these videos on TedEd provides teachers a framework in which they can document the activities they use to enhance each video,” writes Shawn Rubin on Lisa Neilsen’s blog The Innovative Educator.

The website has a section with the best flipped videos selected by a panel of volunteer educators.

The TedEd beta website can be found at http://ed.ted.com

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