Their best teachers

When high school students were asked to describe the best teacher they ever had, the answers were surprisingly similar. Students reported that the best teachers:

1. Cared about them and listened to what they had to say. “She cared about me…about everyone.” “He values what you have to say.”

2. Had a great sense of humor. “Everyone laughed, activities were fun and you still learned.”

3. Loved and knew their subject well and made students love it. ” He was really involved in and loves what he is doing. Kids don’t want to like a class if the teacher doesn’t.” “She knew so much. It was like receiving wisdom.”

4.Believed in students’ ability. “He believed we could do well and we did.”

5. Made the class interesting and fun. “We had a lot of different activities… very creative in assignments.”

6. Related to students in a personal way. “He not only knew you as a student but knew what your interests were and how many brothers and sisters you had. If you know a teacher better, you’re going to listen more — you want to be involved in the class more.” “She loved us… she was like a grandmother.”

“Twelve High School 11th Grade Students Examine Their Best Teachers”, Peabody Journal of Education, Volume 70, Number 2, Winter 1995, pp. 117-126. /i

Published in ERN September/October 1995 Volume 8 Number 4

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