First Weeks of School for Principals and Educational Leaders Open access thru Aug 31

Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 1.25.43 PMYou have big plans for the year ahead.

When your teachers and students return to school you want to be ready to channel all that fresh energy and enthusiasm in the most productive way.  Whether you are introducing new curricula or initiatives or refocusing everyone on core goals, you need to be able to effectively share your vision and provide support to teachers as they get on track with all their new ideas, duties and  responsibilities. It’s an exciting and nerve-wracking time for everyone.

Do you want expert advice on how best to lead your teachers, staff, parents and students in these critical first weeks of school?

Join Mike Anderson, educational consultant and author of The First Six Weeks of School, for a 2-hour webinar on best strategies and practices to get off to a roaring start this school year. The Aug. 19 webinar is specifically targeted for administrators and educational leaders and is appropriate for all grade levels. This timely and valuable coaching session will pay off big dividends throughout the school year.

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Webinar Topics:

  • Key ideas and research about teaching and learning to guide your leadership at the start of the school year  (including Abraham Maslow, John Hattie, Lev Vygotsky, Carol Dweck, and more)
  • What students need now: How to support your staff so they set the right tone in the classroom and balance students’ social, emotional and academic needs right off the bat
  • Get the discipline right early: Setting the stage for a consistent approach to discipline throughout the school
  • Practical strategies for building and strengthening positive adult communities including tips for staff meetings
  • What works in family outreach: Suggestions and recommendations for connecting with your families
  • Managing your own stress: How to maintain personal health and balance during this demanding time
  • Lots of recommended resources to help you get the year off to a great start

About the Speaker:

Mike Anderson is an award-winning educator (National Milken Educator Award and New Hampshire Teacher of the Year finalist) and author of many books about great teaching and learning, including The First Six Weeks of School (2nd Edition); Learning to Choose, Choosing to Learn; and The Well-Balanced Teacher.

After 15 years as a classroom teacher and more than 6 years as a Responsive Classroom consultant, Mike is now working in schools across the US and beyond as an independent consultant ( He supports teachers and schools on a wide range of topics including differentiated learning, social and emotional learning, and effective and respective discipline.