Justin Baeder: Organizational learning and instructional leadership

Justin Baeder is an expert on organizational learning who will work with your school or district to build capacity for instructional leadership.

Justin excels at helping educators raise the bar in meeting their most important and challenging goals, whether that means getting into classrooms and having evidence-based conversations about practice with teachers, mastering the demands of a relentlessly heavy workload, or developing and implementing a strategic plan that drives gains in student learning.

The key to being a high-performance administrator, Justin believes, is to align the right strategies, tools, and habits with school and professional goals. Justin is currently working with schools and districts to develop and implement strategic plans that support organizational learning and lead to sustained improvement.

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While strategic plans often cover many compliance issues, Justin believes it’s critical for leaders to stay focused on the core elements of theiir learning improvement strategy. Justin helps schools develop improvement maps and conduct inquiry cycles to validate, refine, and execute their improvement strategies.

Justin works with schools and districts both as an in-person speaker/coach and as a virtual coach. (see more details on our virtual-coaching program below).  Here are some of the professional-learning topics Justin has addressed as a webinar speaker for ERN.

How Group Coaching Works

Justin works with groups of school and district educators as a virtual coach in 8-week sessions.  Here are some details about how this exciting model works!

  • Educators in the group can be teachers, administrators, paraprofessionals or a mix of all.
  • Your team’s leader has an introductory 30-minute phone call with Justin to discuss group’s priorities and goals. We also will survey each participant before the coaching program to explore specific needs.
  • The 8-week program features 90-minute live coaching sessions every two weeks. Each session includes a 30-minute presentation by Justin based on the specific needs of your group followed by 60 minutes of group and coach interactions.  (Structure can be changed to suit your needs)
  • During 60 minutes of interaction, participants will be able to share experiences, ask questions and get feedback from Justin and other group members.
  • A private online forum will be set up and facilitated by Justin. Participants will be able to connect, share and solve problems together in an organic and ongoing way over the duration of the program. Everyone will automatically receive email notifications of new posts.
  • Each group session will be recorded so that if anyone is unable to attend live they can participate later at a time more convenient for them.
  • Justin will provide the group with resources based on the specific needs and goals. Relevant articles, planning guides and handouts will be provided. Participants will be encouraged to share other resources with the group.
  • Ongoing support from Justin. Participants can email or post questions or comments in the private forum at any time during the session, and he will respond as soon as possible.

About the speaker/coach

Justin Baeder is Director of The Principal Center, which helps school leaders build capacity for instructional leadership in their organizations. His professional development programs have helped more than 15,000 school leaders in 50 countries increase their productivity and significantly impact student learning. Justin speaks regularly at state and national conferences, and his articles have appeared in Principal Magazine, Education Week, and The School Administrator.