Group-coaching on SEL

Introducing an innovative professional learning model for educational leaders.  

A personal message from Mike Anderson

Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 1.25.43 PMAlmost every educator I meet agrees that social-emotional learning (SEL) is absolutely critical to student success. But, in my 15 years working with teachers and school leaders I’ve seen a lot of uncertainty and confusion about what SEL is and how best to go about teaching it.

While social-emotional skills are now embedded in many learning standards,  few educators are confident about how to blend SEL into day-to-day academic learning which is why it’s so important to have strong leadership on this critical issue.

I’ve often wished school leaders had the opportunity to engage with a work group or learning community of their peers to help them shape their thinking and plans.  I’m not the only one who has imagined how valuable this would be.

I’ve teamed up with Larry Sterne and Educational Research Newsletter & Webinars to offer educational leaders a unique professional learning opportunity that is designed to produce results at the classroom level.  Please fill out this contact form or call 1-800-321-7471 if you have any questions and we will respond as quickly as we can. I can also chat with you by phone if you need to make sure this is right for you.

What you need to know

  • Individual introductory 30-minute phone call with Mike to discuss each participant’s questions, priorities and goals
  • Each 90-minute group session will be recorded.
  • Resource kit with articles, videos, planning guides, handouts and sharing of resources among participants
  • Private Facebook group facilitated by Mike where school leaders can connect, share and solve problems together in an organic and ongoing way. Participants will automatically receive email notifications of posts
  • Ongoing support from Mike. Participants can call or email Mike at any time during the course, and he will respond as quickly as he can.

How It Works

Here are more details on how program will work:
–30-minute introductory individual phone call with Mike Anderson

Mike will personally introduce himself to each participant.  On this call, Mike will ask you to share your most important questions about SEL and to define your priorities and goals for the 9-week coaching session. Mike will use the information he gathers from these introductory calls to customize the session so that it best serves the needs of the 20 participants.

–8 weekly 90-minute whole-group discussions

Weekly sessions are scheduled for Sunday evenings from 7:00-8:30 PM (Eastern) from Oct. 2 –Nov. 20. Each session will be recorded so that participants can review the sessions if they are unable to attend live.

The online collaborative sessions will be a blend of a live presentation by Mike on video, Q and A and sharing by participants of the week’s progress.  Mike will give a 30-minute presentation that best addresses the needs and priorities of the group at that stage of the session.  Larry Sterne will facilitate weekly meetings.

The heart of the work will be the collaborative learning among school leaders.  This 9-week session is designed to create opportunities for leaders to tap the collective experience and wisdom of their colleagues and to make space for individual participants to reflect on and make progress toward their SEL goals and priorities.

–Ongoing interaction among participants

Group participants will be able to chat with each other live during each weekly meeting and to continue to interact with each other between meetings on a private Facebook group with automatic email notifications of group posts.

–Ongoing Support from Mike during 9-week session

Mike will be available by email and phone to answer a question, review a memo or help you find a good resource, whenever you need it.

–Resource kit to support and deepen ongoing learning

Online resources (articles, videos, planning guides, handouts, etc) will be provided throughout the session to meet the emerging needs of the group and accelerate progress toward goals. Resources will be shared by Mike and all members of the group.

Topics to be covered  

  • What is social-emotional learning? (And what is it not?)
  • What are the key broad categories/competencies of SEL?
  • How are SEL skills already embedded in academic standards (both explicitly and implicitly)?
  • How do we help teachers identify and explore SEL skills embedded in academics?
  • What are some key strategies teachers can use to teach SEL skills, and how do they do this as a part of daily academic teaching (not as a stand-alone or extra-curricular activity)?
  • What are some school-wide practices that create the conditions necessary for great SEL teaching and learning to happen (and what are some common practices that get in the way)?
  • Many more to be determined by specific needs and wants of participants…

About Mike Anderson

Screen Shot 2015-08-18 at 8.56.37 PMMike Anderson is an award-winning educator (National Milken Educator Award and New Hampshire Teacher of the Year finalist) and author of many books about great teaching and learning, including The First Six Weeks of School (2nd Edition);  The Well-balanced Teacher,; and Learning to Choose, Choosing to Learn, which was chosen as the ASCD book of the month for April 2016. More than 62,000 copies were sent to educators in more than 100 countries.

After 15 years as a classroom teacher and more than 6 years as aResponsive Classroom® consultant, presenter and leader developer. Mike is now working in schools across the US and beyond as an independent consultant.

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