Jane Pollock on principal walkthroughs

SPEAKERS: Jane Pollock, author of Feedback: The Hinge that Joins Teaching and Learning and co-author of Classroom Instruction that Works. Jane will be joined by classroom teachers Ian Mulligan and Susan Marie Hensley

WHEN: Tuesday, March 19, 2013, 1-3 p.m. Eastern Time

You have plenty of procedures and checklists that guide you through your classroom walkthroughs, observations, and evaluations of teachers. But, how do you communicate with teachers about what you’ve seen and learned? How do you give them feedback that will help them make improvements in their practices?


Join Jane Pollock for a 2-hour webinar on the delicate task of engaging teachers in a dialogue about what is happening in their classrooms. Drawing from instructional research and using an updated version of Hunter’s Mastery Teaching schema, Janie will provide lots of insights and ideas about how you can ensure teachers receive useful and meaningful feedback following classroom visits.
Webinar Topics:
  • How to best observe student actions when observing teacher instructional practices
  • Providing feedback to teachers about student performance so they can make changes in their practices to increase learning and achievement
  • Giving feedback based on current research
  • Discussing the importance and implications of time management in a class.