Grace Dávila Coates

Grace Dávila Coates is the former director of FAMILY MATH at the University of California-Berkeley, an international program that brings families together to investigate mathematical ideas, raise awareness of the role of mathematics in education, and increase mathematics understanding and appreciation.

Grace is the primary author of Family Math for Young Children and Family Math II: Achieving Success in Mathematics.  She is also a co-author of the best-selling book English Language Learners in the Mathematics Classroom.  She has designed many professional development models used statewide, nationally, and internationally, focusing on the needs of English learners in mathematics.

Grace has presented at local, state, and international conferences and has published numerous articles on mathematics education, English learners, family involvement, and language development.  Grace has been a bilingual classroom teacher in grades pre-K- 8 and a mathematics educator for 24 years.