Kathleen Kryza


Kathleen Kryza is a lifelong learner, experienced teacher and an outstanding international presenter/coach/consultant. Passionate, informed and committed to bringing the best educational practices to schools and teachers everywhere, Kathleen has a long track record in education, teaching special education students and gifted and talented students as well as general education students. She has worked with students of varying socio-economic and multi-cultural backgrounds at both the secondary and elementary levels.

Kathleen is the co-author of Developing Growth Mindsets in the Inspiring Classroom (Inspiring Learners Press, 2011) and the following books published by Corwin Press: Inspiring Secondary Learners (2007), Inspiring Elementary Learners (2008), Differentiating in the Real Classroom (2009) and Winning Strategies for Test Taking. Kathleen is featured in the video, Differentiating Instruction in the Intermediate Grades, Bureau of Education and Research (2008). Kathleen has spent more than 24 years providing transformative professional development for schools and districts around the world on various educational and motivational topics.