GSSD professional learning workshop for educational assistants

What You Need to Know to Effectively Teach Your Students with ADHD or Executive Function Deficits

Speaker: Sandra Rief

Every teacher has students with ADHD and executive function deficits.  Inattention, lack of self-control, forgetfulness, poor organization and time management skills make learning more difficult for these students, and instruction more difficult for the teacher.

Learn how you can apply new brain-based knowledge to help students pay attention, improve on-task behavior, be more productive and less disruptive.


Other Resources:

Sandra’s recommended websites & resources (2015-2016)
Self-monitoring behavior log
Weekly behavior report

Student daily report

Steven’s daily report
Daily report for MS-HS
Behavior contract
Homework assignments
Homework tracking sheet

Teach Students How Their Brains Work: How Executive Function, Self-Regulation and Mindset Can Help Them Learn

Speaker: Kathleen Kryza

We are at an exciting time in education when we understand so much more about how the brain learns and what we can do to support students’ development.

Here’s how to share that information with students so that they can harness the powers of self-regulation, executive function and mindset.

The smarter your students “think,” the more they will take charge of their own learning and achievement during these critical years!


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