Professional Learning Series for South East Cornerstone Administrators

The First Weeks of School: Best Practices for Principals and Educational Leaders

Speaker: Mike Anderson

You have big plans for the year ahead.  Here’s how to be ready to channel all that fresh energy and enthusiasm in the most productive when your teachers and students return to school.


Effective Modeling


Planning Guide: School 

Planning Guide: Classroom 

Graves Activity 

The High-Performance Walkthrough: Best Practices of Effective Instructional Leaders

Speaker:  Justin Baeder

You love the idea of the classroom walkthrough–brief, informal and routine enough that your presence is easily accepted in the classroom. But, like any good habit, you have to learn the tricks of keeping it in your schedule and at the top of your priority list.


Reflection Questions
Habit Guide
The Principal Center

The 12 Top Issues Educators Must Face When Implementing Schoolwide Positive Behavior Support (SWPBS)

Speaker: Donald Kincaid

Many schools find that the biggest challenge of implementing SWPBS is not dealing with problem behaviors, but preventing those behaviors by effectively communicating expectations for positive student behavior.

Administrator letter

Classroom Assessment Tool

School Readiness Checklist

Interventions Worksheet

Having Hard Conversations

Speaker: Jennifer Abrams

It’s never too late to have that hard conversation. Learn new strategies to address areas of conflict while safeguarding your professional relationships.


SCARF–brain-based model for collaborating with and influencing others

Confronting teacher mediocrity

Amy Cuddy on body language 


Hard Conversations Unpacked–How to Be Better Prepared and More Effective in Your Tough Talks

Speaker: Jennifer Abrams

Here’s how to have that hard conversation you’ve been avoiding.


Amy Cuddy’s TED talk and research on body language


The High-Performance Administrator: How to Better Manage Time, Workflow and Communication to Maximize Your Impact on Student Learning

Speaker:  Justin Baeder

Principal productivity expert Justin Baeder shows you how to handle the workload of leadership with greater efficiency and focus, increasing your responsiveness to the needs of your school and decreasing the time you spend on email and paperwork.