Professional Learning Series for South River School District

This page will be active through October 31, 2017.

Good Homework, Bad Homework: How to Tell the Difference

Speaker: Harris Cooper

Harris helps you make sense of a lot of seemingly conflicting evidence so that you can assign only the “good” homework.



7 Classroom Assessment Practices That Promote Learning (As Well As Measure It)

Speaker: Jay McTighe

Jay will present 7 practical and proven classroom assessment practices that help advance learning while also allowing teachers to gauge what students understand, know and can do.

Here are the links to part I and part II of the PowerPoint.


How to Teach Students Who Think They Hate Math

Speaker: Judy Willis

Neurologist, educator and author of Learning to Love Math: Teaching Strategies that Change Student Attitudes and Get Results,  Judy Willis explores the “I hate math” syndrome and provides strategies for dismantling this mental block.



Judy’s website
Online Chart Tool


Take Charge of Differentiated Instruction to Speed Up Student Learning

Speaker: Carol Tomlinson

Carol dispels common misconceptions about differentiation and flags common omissions in its practice. She shares key strategies to add to your repertoire!








First Weeks of School: Best Practices for Teachers

Speaker: Mike Anderson

in the critical first weeks of school, teachers need a special set of practices to make a positive first impression and set the tone for the year ahead. Here’s how to get the new year off to a running start.



Recommended Resources for Teachers
Effective Modeling for Teachers
Rule-making Guide for the Classroom 


Visual Teaching of Math Concepts

Speaker: Marian Small

Marian will change your thinking about how you teach math. She will give you lots of ideas, sample tasks and visuals to use with your students right away. Appropriate for all grade levels.



Marian’s website
Algebraic Generalization in Grade 3? Really?


Best Grade 6-12 Math Instructional Strategies to Help Any Student Progress to Grade-Level Math

Speaker: Paul Riccomini

Learn about research-based, high-impact instructional strategies that help students remember and apply critical mathematical concepts and skills with greater fluency and automaticity.  Paul introduces Interleaved Working Solutions, a practice that is very effective for independent work.


“Interleaved” independent work strategy
IES Practice Guide: Organizing Instruction and Study to Improve Student Learning


The High-Performance Walkthrough: Best Practices of Effective Instructional Leaders

Speaker: Justin Baeder

Justin challenges you to make classroom visits a routine part of your day.


Reflection Questions

Habit Guide

The Principal Center


Tune Up Your Classroom Management Skills

Speaker: Rick Smith

You’ve made your best effort to create a good, orderly learning environment in the classroom but, frankly, things could be better.  G you and your staff will learn new strategies and get a fresh perspective on helping students stay on track .



How to Engage and Support K-6 English Language Learners in Math

Speaker:  Grace Davila Coates

If math is a universal language, why do your K-6 English Language Learners (ELLs) wear such perplexed looks in math class? Here are some research-based strategies to support ELLs  as they build conceptual understanding in math.

PowerPoint and resources