SEL Group Coaching Topics

The -week session with Mike Anderson will be customized to meet the needs of each group but here is a sampling of some topics that the group may want to cover:

  • What is social-emotional learning? (And what is it not?)
  • What are the key broad categories/competencies of SEL?
  • How are SEL skills already embedded in academic standards (both explicitly and implicitly)?
  • How do we identify and explore SEL skills embedded in academics?
  • What are some key strategies teachers can use to teach SEL skills, and how do they do this as a part of daily academic teaching (not as a stand-alone or extra-curricular activity)?
  • What are some school-wide practices that create the conditions necessary for great SEL teaching and learning to happen (and what are some common practices that get in the way)?
  • Many more to be determined by specific needs and wants of participants…