How to Connect with ELL Families and Hard-to-Reach Families With an Effective Parent-liaison Program

Speaker: Wendy Messarina Volosin


Webinar Description

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Schools know how very important parent involvement is in student success, Yet, many schools and districts don’t do enough to reach out to families and partner with them to support their students.

Quite simply, families want to know how to help their children do their best and how to communicate with and support teachers. Teachers and administrators want to know how they can reach out to families in positive and productive ways so they can work together to ensure student success.

Join Wendy Messerina Volosin for a 90-minute webinar that will give you a first-hand look at how a parent-liaison program works in a 22-school district with more than 1,000 ELLs.  Wendy will share lots of practical advice and strategies for working with diverse groups and creating a welcoming environment for hard-to-reach families.  She also will focus on how you can motivate staff to reach out to and partner with students’ families.

Webinar Topics:

  • How the parent-liaison concept started, the true definition and value of parent-liaisons
  • Common misuses of parent-liaisons
  • First steps in getting to know families and increasing family involvement
  • Getting started with a parent-liaison program
  • How to educate parents about the importance of their active participation
  • Organizing events that help parents navigate the school system, support students transitioning between school levels and during summer breaks, as well as other events such reading nights and math nights
  • Connecting with hard-to-reach parents
  • Do’s and don’ts of home visits
  • Building staff teamwork and a welcoming environment for more family involvement


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