Creating a Mission and Vision for Your School: Strategies and Exercises to Help Your Staff Brainstorm a Better Future


Speaker: Allison Zmuda


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Webinar Description

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True or false? A school mission statement is a time-consuming chore to be done for accreditation purposes, posted on walls and then quickly forgotten by both staff and students.

For too many schools, unfortunately, the answer is “true.” But Allison Zmuda, author of the new, highly praised book, Breaking Free from Myths About Teaching and Learning, believes that creating a mission and a shared vision can forge a collaborative process that fuels support for meaningful change.

One of the most depressing things about staff meetings is how quickly the group can destroy a new idea by listing all the reasons why it cannot and should not be done.

In this webinar, Allison Zmuda will provide you with strategies and exercises to help people “loosen up” and look past current problems to focus on promising possibilities.

Is your school gearing up for the reaccreditation process? Make the best and greatest use of the time you spend on mission statements and long-range planning to engage staff in a dialogue about the future.

Contrary to popular belief, mission statements do not need to take weeks or months of committee meetings. Some of the best have been created in 1 day!

Allison will provide several examples of model mission and vision statements with her presentation.

Learn to facilitate the creation of a shared vision of your ideal school. Not a vague and undefined one, but one that is detailed and concrete. What would students in the classroom be doing? What would homework look like? What would the halls in your school look like? What would the main office look like? These conversations can bring students, parents, teachers, administrators and community members together to build greater engagement and accountability.

Webinar Topics

  • How to identify the characteristics of an effective mission and vision statement
  • Important techniques to use in reviewing your own mission and vision to see if it needs improvement
  • Strategies to help your staff think “out of the box” about your ideal school
  • Exercises to help everyone imagine the possibilities (Movie trailer, what if)
  • Exploring the differences between the traditional school model and a 21st century school model to highlight the need for change
  • Use of protocols and norms to keep the ideas coming and the dialogue running
  • Developing ideas without getting stuck on “one right answer”


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About the Speaker

Allison Zmuda

works with the Association for the Supervision and Curriculum Development as a faculty member in the Understanding by Design cadre and independently through her own consulting firm, The Competent Classroom, LLC. Allison began her career in education as a public high school teacher in Connecticut. Her curricular and instructional practices led to her first book, The Competent Classroom (2001). Allison is the author of High Stakes High School: A Guide for the Perplexed Parents (2001), Transforming Schools: Creating a Culture of Continuous Improvement, Librarians as Learning Specialists: Meeting the 21st Century Learning Imperative and most recently, Breaking Free from Myths About Teaching and Learning. She is also the lead co-author of the Schooling by Design Action Tool released by the Association for the Supervision and Curriculum Development in 2007. Allison has presented at workshops across the US and Canada.

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