Build Your English Learners’ Reading Comprehension Across-the-Curriculum


Speaker: Margarita Calderón


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Some of your English Learners (ELs) obviously struggle to read. Others appear to read fairly fluently until that awful moment you realize they understand very little of what they are reading. That’s why they seldom participate in discussions or ask questions. 

Want to provide more explicit instruction on reading strategies to your ELs so they really understand grade-level material?

 Join Margarita Calderon, an expert on across-the-curriculum literacy for ELs for a 2-hour webinar on evidence-based methods to build ELs’ academic language and reading comprehension skills. Margarita will provide both instructional strategies for you and tools for your students.

This webinar will help you work with students at all literacy levels, from students who are just learning how to read in English to those with more advanced literacy skills. Learn how to support ELs in learning core subject matter in science, technology and math and in meeting the challenges of the Common Core State Standards. Find out how to support your EL students in high-level literacy skills such as the multiple interpretations of a text, comparing texts, analyzing the effectiveness of a structure or argument, providing claims, developing solutions and/or summarizing an experiment and results.

 Webinar Topics

  • What words to pre-teach from a text that students are about to read
  • Modeling ‘think alouds’ to your students as a reading strategy
  • The power of peer reading and summarization with new words
  • How to organize peer reading
  • After-reading activities to anchor knowledge
  • Close reading and rereading
  • How writing improves with intensive reading


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About the Speaker

Margarita Calderón

Margarita Calderón, Ph.D, is Professor Emerita and Senior Research Scientist at the Johns Hopkins University’ School of Education. She has served on many national panels including the National Literacy Panel for Language Minority Children and Youth, Carnegie Adolescent ELL Literacy Panel, The WIDA Formative Language Assessment Records for ELLs (FLARE) in Secondary School, National Institute for Family Literacy (NIFL) Multicultural Advisory and ETS Visiting Panel on Research.

She was the principal investigator in a 5-year study funded by the Carnegie Corporation of New York to develop ExC-ELL (Expediting Comprehension for English Language Learners), a professional development program for middle and high schools science, social studies, and language arts teachers that focuses on teaching ELLs academic language, reading and writing in the content areas.

Among her other accomplishments is developing Reading Instructional Goals for Older Readers (RIGOR) for teaching vocabulary, basic reading, and content to Students With Interrupted Formal Education (SIFE), ELLs in Special Education, and newcomers.  She was co-principal investigator with Robert Slavin on the 5-year randomized evaluation of English immersion, transitional, and two-way bilingual elementary programs funded by IES/USDOE and collaborated with the Center for Applied Linguistics to conduct research on reading instruction for Spanish-speaking children funded by NICHD. Other research by Margarita has been funded by the OELA/USDOE, U.S. Department of Labor, and the Texas Education Agency.

Margarita’s most recent books are, Breaking Through: Effective Instruction & Assessment for Reaching English Learners. An Anthology, winner of the 2013 Bronze Publishers’ Award and Teaching Reading and Comprehension to English Learners.


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