Differentiate for Enrichment: Get Students Excited about Learning Again with Enrichment Clusters


Speaker: Joseph Renzulli


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Webinar Description

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Enrichment is a word once reserved for gifted and talented programs.  Today’s educators know that every student deserves the opportunity to participate in rich and exhilarating learning experiences pursuing their own interests. How can students get excited about learning unless they have these experiences?

Step off the learning treadmill and provide your students with an authentic learning experience that fires up their passion and curiosity.

Join Joseph Renzulli for a 2-hour webinar  on enrichment clusters. Joseph is an expert in gifted and talented learning who believes enrichment clusters increase learning for students of all ability levels and at all grade levels. Exploring common interests and real-world challenges allows every student to develop his or her abilities, passions, learning styles and preferred modes of expression.  Think personalized learning and student-driven, inquiry-based small-group learning.

Enrichment clusters are scheduled during blocks of regular school hours and give students an opportunity to deeply engage around an area of special interest to them. Learn how you can bring this enriching learning experience to your students with a top expert!

Webinar Topics:

  • What are enrichment clusters and how they benefit your students on multiple levels
  • Formative evaluations–personalized learning and strength-based assessment
  • The 8 major features of enrichment clusters
  • Being the “guide-on-the-side”
  • Choosing enrichment cluster topics
  • How to identify students’ interests, learning styles and preferred modes of expression
  • Scheduling enrichment clusters: What works best
  • 6 key questions to guide you in facilitating clusters
  • Developing an inviting description of an authentic problem or issue


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About the Speaker

Joseph Renzulli

Joseph Renzulli is a professor of educational psychology and director of The National Research Center on the Gifted and Talented at the University of Connecticut. During his long and productive research career, he has obtained more than $50 million in grants.

His research has focused on the identification and development of creativity and giftedness in young people. He also has conducted research on organizational models and curricular strategies for differentiated learning environments that contribute to total school improvement. His mission is to apply the pedagogy of gifted education to the improvement of learning for all students.

Joe is the recipient of many awards and honors. He was designated a Board of Trustees Distinguished Professor at the University of Connecticut in 2000 and received the Harold W. McGraw, Jr. Award for Educational Innovation in 2009. He has an Honorary Doctor of Laws Degree from McGill University in Montreal, Canada and a Doctor Honoris Causa degree from the Universidad Camilo Jose Cela in Madrid for his “intellectual contribution to the world of educative ideas and theories.” The American Psychological Assocation’s Monitor on Psychology named him one of the 25 most influential psychologists in the world.

His proudest is founding the summer Confratute program at UConn in 1978. the longest- running summer institute on enrichment-based differentiated teaching that has served thousands of teachers and administrators from around the world.


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