How to Use Math Error Analysis to Improve Instruction


Speaker: Paul Riccomini


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Never say, ‘oops’. Always say, ‘Ah, interesting’.     — Anonymous

Your students’ recent math errors clearly tell you that you need to reteach some important concepts. But how do you correct the error the next time your teach the material?

Look no further than your students’ own math errors for corrective feedback. Math error analysis helps you redesign lessons and focus instruction based on specific error patterns identified from student performance data such as quizzes, chapter tests, progress monitoring measures, and benchmark assessments.

Join Paul Riccomini for a 90-minute webinar on how to systematically identify and use error patterns to more precisely focus your instruction. If you are not already practicing error analysis Paul will help you take advantage of this valuable feedback from your students!

This webinar is recommended for 1-8 teachers, special education teachers in grades 1-12, math coaches, RTI/MTSS lead teachers, curriculum coordinators and interventionists or teachers providing Tier 2 or 3 instruction.

Webinar Topics

    • The purpose and procedures for conducting systematic error analysis
    • How to Identify and recognize common error patterns in students’ math solutions to inform instruction
    • Using micro-instructional progressions to correct misconceptions
    • Applying worked solutions to help students learn from their errors
    • How and where to fit error analysis into your use of student performance data and your data decision-making process.
    • Reteaching based on an identified error pattern.
    • Capitalizing on the use of examples and non-examples when reteaching


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    About the Speaker

    Paul Riccomini

    Paul Riccomini is an experienced classroom teacher, author, mathematician and leading special education expert who has taught mathematics to both general and special education students in inclusive settings. Paul  is co-author of the best-selling Response to Intervention in Math (Corwin, 2009), one of the first books to address RTI in math, and Developing Number Sense through the Common Core (Corwin 2013).

    An associate professor of education at Pennsylvania State University, Paul brings both content knowledge and a focus on strong collaborative relationships to his teaching experiences with general and special educators.

    Paul’s dynamic presentations focus on providing educators with research-validated practices that improve learning for all students.

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