Change the Dynamics of Teacher Evaluations: How to Move from a Culture of Nice to a Culture of Learning


Speaker: Candi McKay


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Webinar Description

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After a classroom visit or walkthrough,  do your teachers wait expectantly to hear what you have to say about their  teaching?  Would you like them to take more responsibility in this process, to see it more as an opportunity for self-evaluation, reflection, dialogue and professional growth than a top-down judgment of their work?

Join teacher evaluation expert Candi McKay for a 2-hour webinar on how to change the dynamics of your teacher evaluations. Learn how you can help transition your school  from a “culture of nice,” where most teachers are rated above-average, to a culture of learning. 

This session engages educators at all levels in changing the teacher-evaluation system into a collaborative process where teachers  participate in dialogue, reflection and professional learning. Discover how both formal observations and classroom walkthroughs can lead to more manageable yet meaningful conversations about teaching and learning. Candi shares protocols from her book, You Don’t Have to Be Bad to Get Better, and also presents video on teachers who reflect on how these teacher-evaluation practices have impacted their teaching.

Webinar Topics:

  • Elements of a teacher evaluation system that places more responsibility for teacher learning on teachers
  • The key understandings and skills administrators and teacher-leaders need to promote teacher learning
  • The role school culture plays in transforming your  top-down teacher evaluation process into a professional growth model
  • Strategies and ideas for turning every classroom visit into an opportunity for teacher learning
  • How to actively engage teachers in their own professional growth
  • Specific steps you can take to transform your teacher evaluations and classroom walkthroughs into a more collaborative learning process



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About the Speaker

Candi McKay

Candi McKay is a national consultant and President of McKay Consulting, LLC, based in Raleigh, North Carolina.  Candi has over 20 years of experience in the field of education, serving as a classroom teacher, mentor, peer coach and professional development specialist.  Currently, she provides customized consultation and training related to teacher quality and professional learning to school districts and state service agencies around the country. Candi works closely with teachers and school leaders at all levels to develop their capacity for ongoing reflection and professional growth.

Candi is the author of You Don’t Have to Be Bad to Get Better, A Leader’s Guide to Improving Teacher Quality (Corwin, 2012) and a co-author of the book, Implementing the Framework for Teaching, an ASCD Action Tool (ASCD, 2009). She also developed the online professional development course, Talk About Teaching, based on Charlotte Danielson’s book and available through Corwin and School Improvement Network.


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