Flip Your Classroom into a Student-Driven Space of Inquiry and Critical Thinking


Speaker: Ramsey Musallam


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Webinar Description

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Ready to harness the force of your students’ curiosity and full engagement in learning?

Flipped-instruction Jedi Ramsey Musallam will help you to deepen your appreciation and understanding of flipped instruction and give you tools to ground this blended learning technique in an inquiry-based learning cycle.

The true purpose of flipped instruction is not to create good videos of your lectures or simply to move teaching activities from the classroom space to the homework space. It is essentially about good teaching and the creation of a learning environment of inquiry, collaboration and critical thinking.

In addition to providing a pedagogical foundation for flipped instruction, Ramsey will share techniques for creating instructional video and tools for increasing student interaction with the materials you provide. Learn how you can use flipped instruction to identify student misconceptions and modify your instruction to address these misconceptions.

Webinar Topics:

  • Why you need to place instructional video in the context of an inquiry- based learning cycle
  • Strategies for creating multimedia learning instructional experiences
  • How to track student progress in the flipped classroom
  • Promoting student interaction with videos: How to get them to reflect on what they watch
  • How to identify student misconceptions about the flipped classroom and tailor your class instruction accordingly
  • Choosing a technology to create instructional video
  • How to cultivate anticipation of instruction to be delivered via video


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About the Speaker

Ramsey Musallam

Ramsey Musallam is a secondary science instructor at Sacred Heart Cathedral in downtown San Francisco and serves as an adjunct professor of education at the University of San Francisco and Touro University. In addition to his role as a science instructor, Ramsey is the acting Science Department Chairperson and Director of Inquiry and Innovation at Sacred Heart Cathedral.

Ramsey delivers keynotes, webinars and facilitates workshops for teachers nationally and internationally with a focus on using technology as a strategic classroom partner in designing learning environments grounded in inquiry fueled by student curiosity. Additionally, Ramsey is the host of the “Infinite Thinking Machine”, an internet TV show dedicated to sharing innovative ideas for teachers and students. Ramsey’s TED Talk “3 Rules to Spark Learning” is widely popular with classroom teachers, and was the lead talk on TED’s first ever PBS TV premiere, “TED Talks Education.”

After graduating from the University of California Davis with a BS in Molecular and Cellular Biology, Ramsey earned an MA and Ed.D in Education from the University of San Francisco. Since graduating, Ramsey’s research interests have shifted from using multimedia to manage student cognitive load, to a focus on harnessing multimedia as a tool in cultivating student curiosity, inquiry and motivation.


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