Get Clear on Section 504: Understand the Law’s Requirements So You Can Apply It with Greater Confidence


Speaker: James F. McKethan

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Webinar Description

Snapshot: Schools have always been responsible for leveling the playing field for children, whatever their abilities and circumstances. But, Section 504, a broader and more flexible law than the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), presents schools with many challenges in implementation.

In this webinar, Section 504 expert James McKethan gives you a clearer understanding of your obligations and provides you with important guidance in your day-to-day implementation. He will simplify and highlight your responsibilities and provide you with tips and strategies for some of the most common issues schools face as they work to interpret and carry out the mandates of the law.

Webinar Topics:

  • Brief legislative history and purpose Interventions and Child Find
  • The enforcement picture (§504 coordinator, Office of Civil Rights)
  • Procedural requirements (consent, evaluations, decision-makers, etc.)
  • Eligibility: (impairments, MLA/MBF, substantial limitation, mitigating measures, aggravating factors, second and third prong entitlements, etc.)
  • Substantive requirements (accommodations, related services, etc.)
  • Discipline and suspension of students with disabilities
  • What to expect: §504 in the future


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About the Speaker

James F. McKethan

Dr. James McKethan

is a national consultant and speaker on Section 504 and other special education issues. His company, James F. McKethan, LLC, provides an array of services to state education agencies and to local school districts, including policy management services, due process and grievance consultation as well as professional development on IDEA, Section 504 and NCLB. In addition, the company supports school district special education systems reform. James F. McKethan, PhD, is the author of Section 504: From Referral to Placement. The book provides school-level personnel invaluable guidance on Section 504 referral, evaluation, eligibility and placement issues. A new publication, The Section 504 ToolKit, will be available from LRP Publications this spring.

During his long and distinguished career in education, James has directed both small and large urban district special education programs. Among his achievements as an administrator are introducing technology to capture and manage information on exceptional children and the use of co-teaching and and learning strategies to keep students with disabilities in regular classrooms. James has worked as a Special Project Manager for School Reform in the Cumberland County Schools in North Carolina and has served on the North Carolina Legislative Commission on Children with Special Health Care Needs and the North Carolina State Board of Education Accountability Compliance Commission. He is the recipient of the North Carolina Council for Exceptional Children Felix Barker Award for exemplary leadership in special education and the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction Distinguished Service Award.

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