Guided Math for K-8: Help Your Students Move Ahead in Learning With Differentiated Small-Group Instruction and Workstations


Speaker: Laney Sammons


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Webinar Description

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Snapshot: Your students do not start your math classes on a level playing field. If they all receive the very same instruction as the year progresses, the gaps among them will only widen.

Differentiating instruction for each and every student is demanding and time-consuming, especially if you are already spread too thin. An effective and workable solution is to set up small-group instruction and workstations for children with similar learning needs. This approach has already been embraced with great success by literacy teachers. In this webinar, Laney Sammons, developer of the Guided Math framework, will show you how to bring small-group differentiated instruction to your classroom. Keep all your students learning, from the struggling student and student having trouble with just one skill or concept, to those who are advancing quickly through the material you are teaching and need new challenges.

Guided Math supports each child’s development of mathematical proficiency at increasing levels of difficulty. Small-group instruction reaches all children at their level of development and takes them to the next level.

The webinar will present the 7 components of the Guided Math framework:

  • Mathematical warm-ups,
  • Creating a classroom environment of numeracy
  • Large-group instruction
  • Small-group instruction
  • Math workshop
  • Math conferences
  • Assessment.

Webinar Topics:

  • Using “Math Stretches” to encourage students to think and communicate mathematically
  • Creating a math-rich classroom environment that helps students see the relevance of math in their everyday lives
  • Deciding on small group vs. large-group instruction: When does large-group instruction make the most sense
  • Differentiating small-group lessons to fill gaps in student foundational knowledge and skills
  • Best practices for presenting a standard lesson and challenging students who need more
  • Establishing good classroom procedure and developing workstation tasks for Math Workshop to free yourself up to work with students who need more help from you
  • Conducting one-on-one math conferences for maximum benefit
  • Using assessment data to develop targeted small-group lessons
  • Employing the Guided Math framework to meet the Common Core State Standards,  the Standards for Mathematical practice with the Standards for Mathematical Content


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About the Speaker

Laney Sammons

Laney Sammons developed the Guided Math instructional framework to meet the needs of all of her students while she was an elementary school teacher in Monroe County, Georgia. She wanted to reach the struggling learners as well as challenge those students who quickly mastered concepts being taught in class. Because of her success in using the Guided Math framework in her classroom, the entire Monroe County school system implemented her approach in its elementary schools.She has written 6 books on the Guided Math framework and on teaching math.

Laney has taught kindergarten, 2nd grade and 6th grade in a language arts magnet school and a social studies magnet school where she was Teacher of the Year for her school and school system. She also taught and served as Instructional Coach at Samuel E. Hubbard Elementary School in Forsyth, Georgia until her retirement from the school system.

Laney continues to work as a mathematics consultant and author. Her books include: Guided Math: A Framework for Mathematics Instruction; Building Mathematical Comprehension: Using Literacy Strategies to Make Meaning; Math Stretches: Building Conceptual Understanding Grades 3-5 (Guided Math) Math Stretches: Building Conceptual Understanding Grades K-2 (Guided Math) Math Stretches: Building Conceptual Understanding Grades 6-8(Guided Math); and Strategies for Implementing Guided Math.


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