Outwit Challenging Behavior: Last Best Strategies to Help Students Make a Breakaway


Speaker: Jeffrey Benson


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Webinar Description

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You have tried everything to help a challenging student change, but the problem behavior and poor school performance continue.

What do you do?

As an educator you do the only thing you can do: Try harder. You maintain the relationship and try a different approach.

Would you like the opportunity to step away from all the daily frustrations and get a fresh perspective on the kids who test you the most?

Join Jeffrey Benson, author of Hanging In: Strategies for Teaching the Children Who Challenge Us Most, for a 2-hour webinar that will guide you in rethinking how you work with challenging students.  Often, there is more than one issue and no simple fix for helping challenging students-which is exactly why they are challenging. Growth happens at its own unhurried pace.

Jeffrey will coach you in how to “hang in” by focusing on students’ strengths and redirecting your efforts to supporting those strengths through changes in the classroom and school environment and better leveraging your resources. He will share structures and procedures that support everyone in “hanging in” through the unpredictable process of growth.  Learn how to identify the skills and habits a specific student must master and how to nurture and prompt the development of those skills that will slowly but surely lead to personal growth.

Webinar Topics

  • Identifying individual challenges for each student
  • Task analysis of the child’s current capacity to succeed
  • Using the framework of “100 Repetitions” to develop realistic expectations
  • Identifying and embracing the secondary curriculum for challenging students
  • Clarifying what is and isn’t in educators’ and parents’ control
  • Constructing a “force field” to consider the complexity of a child and a school
  • Prioritizing an action plan


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About the Speaker

Jeffrey Benson

Jeffrey Benson is the author of Hanging In: Strategies for Teaching the Children Who Challenge Us Most (ASCD; 2014).  A seasoned educator, he has worked in almost every school context. He has been a teacher in elementary, middle, and high schools,  an instructor in undergraduate and graduate programs and an administrator in day and residential schools.

His experience encompasses special education, learning theory, trauma and addiction, school reform, adult development, and conflict resolution. As a consultant to public and private schools, he mentors teachers and principals in diverse school settings in understanding how students learn, the core principle of his life’s work. His latest book is Ten Steps For Managing Change in Schools (ASCD 2015).


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