Improve Student Study Skills: 7 Brain-Friendly Strategies to Optimize Motivation, Organization & Learning


Speaker: Susan Kruger


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Webinar Description

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No matter how hard you work to be a great teacher, your students can’t learn what they need to learn unless they have effective study skills.

If they are disorganized, can’t plan for tests, can’t set goals or monitor their learning, they won’t be able to keep up with your instruction and with your school’s curriculum and standards.

Want to help them develop the critical learning and study skills they will need not only in your classroom but throughout their lives?

Join Susan Kruger, author of the widely praised book, SOAR Study Skillsfor a 2-hour webinar on how to work with your students to get organized, take good notes, write papers, make presentations, read material in preparation for tests and regulate their learning. This fast-paced webinar is loaded with engaging visuals, stories, tips and strategies that will help your students become more engaged, self-directed and effective in learning.

Webinar Topics:

  • Explore the two major brain-based pathways to learning–emotions and soft skills–and learn why they are vital for learning
  • A 3-minute opening strategy to mobilize student energy and motivation
  • How to encourage a “can-do” attitude with one question
  • A simple and inexpensive tool for organizing papers that works for everyone
  • Student-friendly strategies for working with a planner and managing time
  • A trick that instantly simplifies reading textbooks, taking notes, writing papers, and giving presentations


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About the Speaker

Susan Kruger

Susan Kruger is the author of the international best-selling study skills book, SOAR® Study Skills. Her curriculum materials are used by more than 3,600 schools across the U.S. and  in 30 countries worldwide. She is a certified learning specialist and former struggling student who taught herself a few simple study skills in college that allowed her to graduate with honors.

Susan is married to a fellow educator and is mom to two children with “learning disabilities” who have used Susan’s techniques to succeed in school. She is a contributor for ADDitude Magazine,  a Premier Instructor for The Learning Annex, and developer of The Brain Circuit™model.  In 2014, she was named the 1st-place winner of the Oakland County (Michigan) Executive’s “Elite 40 Under 40” competition. Microsoft Partners in Learning University calls her a “global expert in education innovation.”


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