Improve Your Assessment Practices With 8 Big Ideas That Support and Drive Student Learning


Speaker: Damian Cooper


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Webinar Description

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Snapshot:  Assessment can play many important roles in learning but, in this age of increased accountability and high-stakes testing, it is often still limited to the role of measuring it. Assessments can influence and drive learning and teaching in powerful ways, but many educators have not been able to fully integrate the multiple uses of assessment into their classrooms.

In this webinar, best-selling author and internationally known speaker and consultant Damian Cooper focuses on 8 big ideas for assessment that every teacher can use in the classroom to enhance student learning and motivation and adjust instruction. This webinar will help teachers and school administrators manage the demands of assessment of learning (for grading and reporting)and assessment for learning (to promote learning).

In assessment for learning, it is not test scores that will motivate students but descriptive feedback from both peers and teachers.

Webinar Topics:

  •  Why it’s important to examine traditional beliefs about assessment and grading and to be willing to change them
  • The different purposes of assessment and the different responses these purposes demand from students and teachers
  • How “backward design” is essential to effective assessment
  • Why effective assessment must be balanced among oral, written and performance-based evidence
  • Connecting assessment and instruction to maximize learning
  • Moving from a quantitative to descriptive approach to assessment Partnering with students in the assessment process
  • Setting clear performance targets
  • Establishing consistent grading and reporting practices while allowing for teachers’ professional judgement


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About the Speaker

Damian Cooper

is an independent education consultant who is much in demand as a speaker in Canada, the U.S. and around the world. He is a frequent speaker at major conferences, including Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD) and Solution Tree events. His current work focuses on helping teachers and administrators to connect curriculum, instruction, and assessment. He has served as assessment consultant to the School Divison of Nelson Education where he worked on the development of assessment principles and strategies for a wide variety of K-12 resources.

Before becoming an educational consultant and speaker, Damian was a special education, English, and drama teacher, and a curriculum developer at both district and provincial levels. He was coordinator of Assessment and Evaluation for the Halton District School Board in Burlington, Ontario. Damian has worked under contract to the Ontario Ministry of Education and the Assessment Training Consortium on a variety of projects.

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