Increase Across-The-Curriculum Reading Comprehension for Grades 6-12: Differentiated Strategies to Get Students Beyond Just Reading the Words on the Page


Speaker: Gayle Gregory


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Webinar Description

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Many students float on the surface of words, never really plumbing the deeper meanings and ideas below. How do you coax them below that surface to help them develop the sophisticated reading comprehension they will need to survive in an increasingly complex world?

Brain research clearly shows that we understand more of what we discuss, experience and teach others. Every teacher needs a large arsenal of tactics that keep students in the experiential, hands-on, deep-learning zone.

In this webinar, Gayle Gregory, author of more than a dozen books on differentiated literacy learning strategies, will ground you in brain research on learning and retention and give you lots of effective and easy-to-use tactics to bring back to the classroom.

According to the new Common Core State Standards in the U.S., Grade 6-12 students need to be able to construct deep understanding through fluency development, close reading and examination of the text and a good vocabulary. Students need to be able to do this not just with narrative texts but with informational texts that cross the curriculum.

Webinar Topics:

  • What kinds of activities lead to highest retention
  • Strategies for developing vocabulary–word work and vocabulary tiers
  • Improving fluency in grade 6 and beyond
  • Close reading and questioning techniques
  • Working with diverse learners
  • Gender issues in literacy


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About the Speaker

Gayle Gregory

Gayle Gregory is an internationally known consultant who specializes in brain-compatible learning and differentiated instruction and assessment. She is the co-author of a dozen books on differentiated instruction, including Differentiated Literacy Strategies for Student Growth and Achievement in Grade K-6 and Differentiated Literacy Strategies for 7-12 English Language Learners (Corwin Press). Gayle’s mission is to provide educators with research-based literacy strategies that are not only very student-friendly but are practical and easy for teachers to use.  Her literacy instruction toolkit can be used by teachers across the curriculum to help all students develop literacy skills for the 21st century.  Gayle has had extensive experience in elementary, middle and secondary schools, community colleges and universities. She has served in district leadership roles including curriculum coordinator and staff development director.


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