Leadership Intensive w/ Justin Baeder June 1-July 27


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2017 Instructional Leadership Intensive

Online June 1-July 27, 2017

Lead With Strategic Focus

The Instructional Leadership Intensive is an 8-week online professional learning program for school leaders, designed to help you craft your instructional leadership game plan for the coming school year.

In The Intensive, you’ll assess your current situation, articulate your theory of action, plan your leadership work for 2017-2018, and act to implement your improvement priorities.

Too often, school improvement efforts involve doing more-more programs, more initiatives, more drains on staff time and focus-and leaders feel the crunch more than anyone else.
Strategy is about making choices. What we choose not to do matters as much as what we choose to pursue.

In The Intensive, you’ll get crystal clear about your key levers for changeas a leader, as an instructional staff, and as a learning organization-so you can focus on what matters most and tune out distractions.

Program Format

The Instructional Leadership Intensive is an 8-week online program running from June 1 to July 27, 2017.

Each week, we’ll release a new video training module with powerful strategies and concepts to strengthen your leadership.

Each module will be accompanied by an assignment, which you’ll complete in our private discussion forum, where you can share ideas and receive peer feedback.

We’ll also have weekly live roundtable sessions via video chat, so you can ask questions, share ideas, and connect with other participants.

Your Coach

Justin is a Solution Tree author and speaker, and his writing has been featured in Education Week, The School Administrator, Principal Magazine, and other leading publications.

A former Seattle Public Schools principal and teacher, Justin’s professional mission as a researcher, author, and consultant is to help school leaders build capacity for instructional leadership in their organizations.

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