How to Create a Math Classroom That Motivates and Energizes Your K-8 Students


Speaker: Marcy Cook


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Webinar Description

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Snapshot: Here is the webinar many of you have asked for. Marcy Cook, author of 98 books and more than 175 mini math centers, will show you how to create a “live” math classroom that invites and entices all elementary and middle school students to become actively involved in mathematical thinking.

Learn how to help students build a firm math foundation with number sense activites and a focus on problem solving and logical thinking. Ensure that students develop a true understanding of the concepts and vocabulary of mathematics by involving them in mathematical communication.

A master educator, author and math specialist, Marcy will help you organize your mathematics class to ensure that problem solving, communication, reasoning and making connections are constants (not variables). Marcy will present an organizational plan for daily mathematical lessons with emphasis on number sense, reasoning and strategic problem solving.

Her rapid-fire speaking style requires involvement. Attendees also will participate in numerous “hands-on/minds-on” activites. Educators leave her workshops with dozens of practical ideas and much more enthusiasm for math and teaching!

Webinar Topics:

  • Opening activities to capture students’ interest
  • Techniques to make the first 5 minutes of the mathematics period motivational and thought-provoking
  • Practical suggestions for using number tiles in connection with computation, vocabulary, concepts and problem solving (a teacher and student favorite!)
  • Using a variety of mental math techniques to provide a balanced program
  • Maximizing math minutes and differentiating instruction with math centers
  • Maintaining skills with independent task time activities

Other Topics:

  • Opportunities for students to probe, explore, experiment and persevere
  • Alternative drill and practice activities
  • Stumpers or challenges to keep minds in motion on a daily basis
  • Constant assessment techniques
  • Activities and experiences that help develop number sense
  • Organizing an effective mathematics period
  • Differentiating instruction to meet the needs of individual students



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About the Speaker

Marcy Cook

Marcy Cook has presented workshops and seminars for teachers throughout the US and in more than 35 other countries. Marcy, who earned her master’s degree from Stanford University, has taught all elementary grades, junior high, senior high and university level. For many years, her TILING activites have been favorites with K-8 students and teachers. Her problem-solving books, especially Math Starters & Stumpers, also have been popular with teachers who want to motivate their students to think.

Her experiences with classroom teaching, GATE (gifted and talented education) and student teacher supervision have provided her with many ideas to share with other educators. Now based in Balboa Island, California, Marcy works as an independent math consultant for public and private schools.


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