Cover Your Bases: Preparing for Negative Teacher Evaluations

Speaker: Justin Baeder


Webinar Description

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It won’t be easy, but you’re determined to do the right thing: You plan to give underperforming teachers the unsatisfactory evaluations they deserve in the interest of future student learning.

You have two immediate concerns:  1) How do you keep this process from taking up too much of your time, energy and mental space?  and  2) How do you get a clear resolution so that underperforming teachers are left with a simple choice: Commit to growth and improvement or face dismissal?

Join Justin Baeder of The Principal Center for a webinar on how to prepare for high-stakes final evaluations so you have the evidence you need without a lot of needless effort. Justin will help you focus and strategize with the 80/20 rule.

Justin advocates minimizing the time you spend on evaluations for 80% of teachers with minor performance issues (think TSA pre-check) and concentrating on the 20% of teachers who are at greatest risk for negative evaluations, with most of your efforts directed to the bottom 5% of teachers.

Teacher evaluations are one of the toughest parts of your job, but Justin stresses that it’s not the evaluation process itself that improves instruction, but the follow-up steps that occur after the evaluation.

Webinar Topics

  • Why so many administrators are caught off-guard by challenging evaluations—and how to collect evidence to prevent surprises late in the year
  • Dealing with uncertainty: How to do an initial screen for the 80% and 20% with the information you have now on your teachers
  • Expediting or intensifying the process on a case-by-case basis as more information becomes available
  • Don’t sweat the writing–use stock language with some personalization and variation.  You’ll be saying the same 20-30 things–don’t lose time belaboring it
  • Frequent, brief, unscheduled classroom visits during the year to gain the information you need.
  • How to connect your informal classroom visits to the formal evaluation process— even if the evidence doesn’t officially “count”
  • Using the 80/20 rule within the 20%, so you can concentrate on your highest-priority evaluations.
  • Preparing for battle: Be realistic about how many negative final evaluations you can carry out……and much more.

About the Speaker

Justin Baeder is Director of The Principal Center, which helps school leaders build capacity for instructional leadership in their organizations. His professional development programs have helped more than 15,000 school leaders in 50 countries increase their productivity and impact on student learning. Justin speaks regularly at state and national conferences, and his articles have appeared in Principal Magazine, Education Week, and The School Administrator.


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