Sharpen Student Focus and Motivation With Project-Based Learning (PBL)


Speaker: Thom Markham


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Webinar Description

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Grade range: 3-12

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to teach without the Bored, Passive Student at the edge of the class? Are you looking for a better way to help your students become more self-motivated and more grounded in essential 21st-century skills?

Many teachers are increasingly moving toward a project-based learning (PBL) approach to teaching because it has been shown to stimulate students’ curiosity, responsibility, confidence, problem-solving skills and their ability to communicate and work collaboratively with peers.

Join PBL guru Thom Markham for a 2-hour webinar on  the essential methods and best practices for bringing project-based learning to your students. You will learn how to tell the difference between “projects” and true project-based learning. Find out how to design a successful project from choosing an authentic challenge, crafting a “driving question,” planning for exhibitions of student work to incorporating Common Core standards and 21st century skills and building an effective assessment plan.

Webinar Topics

  • Key methods and practices for designing world-class project-based learning
  • The crucial differences between ‘projects’ and well-designed PBL
  • How to make your PBL project authentic and challenging Incorporating deeper learning and core content into projects
  • How to choose, teach, and assess 21st century skills during the project
  • Starting a project and establishing self-sustaining student teams
  • Developing essential PBL documents– 21st century skills rubrics, planning forms, and tools for student teams
  • Promoting problem solving and inquiry and engaging students in deeper learning and quality performance
  • Effective assessment of project-based work
  • Overcoming the major pitfalls in planning and managing PBL projects


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About the Speaker

Thom Markham

Dr. Thom Markham, President of PBL Global, is a psychologist, author, speaker, educator, and internationally recognized consultant to schools and districts focused on project based learning, 21st century skills, and school redesign.

Thom is the primary author of the Buck Institute for Education’s Handbook on Project Based Learning and the author of the Project Based Learning Design and Coaching Guide: Expert tools for innovation and inquiry for K-12 educators. He also is author of Redefining Smart: Rethinking rigor, opening minds, and fostering every student’s desire for creativity, deeper learning, and powerful inquiry (scheduled for publication in 2014).

Thom has worked with more than 200 schools and districts, and conducted workshops for nearly 5000 teachers across five continents, providing proven methods and resources for designing high quality, challenging, authentic projects in all disciplines. He works with all grade levels and subjects, including STEM education.


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