Standards-Based Grading for Struggling and Exceptional Learners


Speaker: Lee Ann Jung


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Webinar Description

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Snapshot: Assigning fair and meaningful grades to struggling learners and exceptional learners has always been a tough challenge. Now, with the move to standards-based grading, teachers face a whole set of new challenges. How do you grade students who are working on content that is below grade level?

In this webinar, grading expert Lee Ann Jung  walks you through a 5-step grading model for assigning fair and accurate grades for all struggling learners. This model will provide you with a clear framework for deciding which standards to modify, how to modify those standards as a team, how to select the appropriate measure for the outcome and how to report progress on a schoolwide report card. The 5-step grading model developed by Lee Ann Jung and Thomas Guskey is now in use across the U.S., Canada and in many international schools. The feedback from teachers at all levels is that it is a practical and meaningful approach to measuring and reporting progress for this student population.

Grading and reporting progress for exceptional learners is the area of lowest compliance for IDEA. This webinar will help you significantly improve your grading practices for this population and also for all your struggling learners. More precise reporting and progress monitoring brings a transparency that will help all members of the IEP team make more effective decisions.

Webinar Topics:

  • Legal and practical challenges in grading exceptional learners
  • The 5 most common modifications to grading that teachers make for exceptional learners and why each is problematic Important issues in standards-based grading of exceptional learners
  • The real difference between accommodation and modification and why that matters for grading
  • How to modify grade-level standards in ways that make it practical for general and special educators to measure progress and outcomes


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About the Speaker

Lee Ann Jung

Lee Ann Jung has been on faculty in the University of Kentucky’s College of Education since 2002 and has worked in the field of special education since 1994. She has served in the roles of teacher, administrator, and researcher and has worked as an interventionist directly with hundreds of children with disabilities and their families.

Building on this real-world experience, Lee Ann has been invited to provide leadership to programs, schools, districts, and organizations around the world for nearly 15 years. She is actively engaged in supporting growth in the areas of assessment, family support, IEP/IFSP development, standards-based assessment for exceptional learners, planning intervention, and measuring progress. This constant connection to research-based practice in real-world settings forms the foundation of her university teaching.

Lee Ann has coauthored 3 books (Intervention planning and progress monitoring; Answers to essential questions about standards, assessments, grading, and reporting; and Grading exceptional and struggling learners), two of which were finalists for the Distinguished Achievement award from the Association of Educational Publishers. She also has authored more than 35 peer-reviewed journal articles and book chapters and has received in excess of $4 million in funding to support personnel preparation and research. This funding includes continuous US Department of Education funding since 2006 to support the tuition of scholars in the Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Education (IECE) program.

Lee Ann has served as associate editor for Young Exceptional Children (YEC), guest editor and editorial board member of Topics in Early Childhood Special Education, and is currently an editorial board member for YEC and Journal of Early Intervention. Lee Ann is a 2001 graduate of Auburn University.


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