How to Handle Student Behavior and Accountability in Standards-Based Grading


Speaker: Tom Schimmer


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Webinar Description

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Grading students exclusively on what they learn is very appealing to teachers and parents.  But it also raises a lot of questions and concerns about student behavior..

What will motivate students to participate in class discussions, turn in homework and assignments on time, put forth their best effort if all that matters in standards-based report cards is what they know and not how they behave? How do you encourage responsibility and accountability if you don’t grade for behavior?

Join grading expert Tom Schimmer for a 2-hour K-12 professional development webinar on the best practices and strategies for holding students accountable for their behavior in a standards-based grading system. How you address this issue is critical. Tom will guide you in rethinking student accountability. He will share his insights and knowledge and the experiences of other schools navigating this tricky terrain. Find out how you can keep the focus on real learning by handling hot-button student behaviors differently!

Webinar Topics:

  • Why accuracy and confidence are so important in grading — How to let your true north guide grading decisions
  • How non-achievement factors compromise the integrity of teaching and learning
  • What is accountability?  Developing consensus about what it means for your school
  • The difference between “can’t-do” and “didn’t-do” students.
  • Punitive grading — its unintended and counterproductive consequences
  • Why chronic lack of accountability requires a different approach than infrequent behavior problems
  • What systems and structures are necessary to produce real accountability in behavior
  • Ways you already teach responsible behaviors without report cards
  • Redefining accountability in the context of your school culture


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About the Speaker

Tom Schimmer

Tom Schimmer is an independent education consultant from Vancouver, BC. Over the course of his career he has been a classroom teacher, school administrator, and district level leader. Tom is an internationally recognized leader and expert in the areas of assessment for learning, sound grading practices, student behavior, and educational leadership. He has delivered both keynote and workshop sessions at the Pearson ATI, AMLE, and ASCD annual conferences and has worked directly with schools and school districts throughout Canada, the United States, Vietnam, China, and Myanmar. Tom is the author of Ten Things that Matter from Assessment to Grading (Pearson, 2013). His new book, Grading from the Inside Out (Solution Tree), is scheduled for publication in 2015.


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