When, Why and How Students Pay Attention: What You Can Do to Nurture the Habit of Attentiveness


Speaker: Judy Willis

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Webinar Description

Snapshot: To the restless student, every little thing is a distraction, from the sound of a book dropping, to a friend’s new pair of shoes, to a man outside walking his dog. We all struggle to blot out distractions, but it is especially challenging for students who are still developing the ability to focus their attention on the tasks at hand.

Neuroscientific research provides many insights into why young minds are so susceptible to distraction and what educators can do to grab and hold students’ attention in order to increase their opportunities for learning.

Join Judy Willis, a neurologist turned educator, for a 2-hour webinar on “attentiveness” and “absorption” and on what conditions can make it happen more regularly in the classroom. Find out how to cut through the attention filters that restrict learning. You’ll walk away with easy-to-use, classroom ready strategies that prepare learners’ brains to “want to know what you have to teach.”

A popular speaker who brings a dual expertise to brain-based education, Judy also will help you tweak strategies you already use to build more “hooks” in your instruction. Through the combination of novelty, curiosity and prediction, you’ll find out how to develop learning experiences that capture and sustain the focused engagement of all your students.

Webinar Topics:

  • Voluntary and involuntary attention–Why you can’t depend on voluntary attention
  • The neuroscience research on pattern change (novelty) and attentiveness
  • How perceived threats interfere with attentiveness
  • The neuroscience of sustained attention–How the possibility of reward-pleasure (prediction) supports and strengthens attention, effort and memory.
  • Dopamine –the “instant gratification response” chemical that fuels sustained interest and perseverance
  • What you can do in the classroom to release the dopamine boosts controlling sustained interest and perseverance
  • The role of inquiry and discovery in creating the conditions for attentive learning


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About the Speaker

Judy Willis

Judy Willis is a neurologist, former classroom teacher, author of 7 books and more than 80 articles for educators and parents. Judy speaks on brain-based education across the U.S. and internationally. She is a staff writer for Edutopia and Psychology Today and an expert consultant for NBC News’ Education Nation. Her books include: Research-based Strategies to Ignite Student Learning: Insight from a Neurologist and Classroom Teacher, and How Your Child Learns Best: Brain Friendly Strategies You Can Use to Ignite Your Child’s Learning and Increase School Success as well as Learning to Love Math: Teaching Strategies that Change Student Attitudes and Get Results.


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