10 Strategies to Refocus Your Professional Learning Community (PLC)


Speaker: Lois Brown Easton


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Webinar Description

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Snapshot: How effective is your Professional Learning Community (PLC)? Are you able to make substantive changes in your schools to help all students learn? If you want to have a greater impact in your school, put authentic professional learning back in your PLC so you can focus on what is truly essential to effective teaching and optimal learning.

It’s easy to get sidetracked by business matters or projects that, whatever their merit, aren’t essential to the mission of your PLC. Sometimes history and culture get in the way. Sometimes it’s just difficult to stay on task after a demanding day in the classroom.

PLC expert Lois Easton leads a webinar that will inspire you and your PLC colleagues to renew your commitment to true professional learning. This interactive webinar will provide you with an opportunity to reflect on the needs of adult learners and on the meaning and purpose of your PLC.

Lois will share with you 10 ten strategies for keeping your PLC focused on enhancing the learning and professional development of its members.  You will engage in professional learning yourself, and you’ll make a first-steps action plan to implement these strategies. At the end of the webinar, you’ll be ready to move ahead in improving your own PLC.

Webinar Outcomes

  • Know what learning looks like in PLCs
  • Know what gets in the way of learning in PLCs and the results of NOT learning in PLCs
  • Know how to infuse learning into PLCs
  • Believe (attitude) that your PLC can engage in learning
  • Have an aspiration to help your PLC become a learning team
  • Have the skills to help your team become a learning community
  • Design the first steps (behavior) for helping your team become a learning community


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About the Speaker

Lois Brown Easton

Lois Brown Easton is a consultant, coach and author, with a particular interest in learning designs for adults and children. Lois Brown Easton, PhD, is the former director of professional development at Eagle Rock School and Professional Development Center, Estes Park, CO.  A project of the American Honda Education Corporation, Eagle Rock is year-round, tuition-free, residential high school for students who have not experienced success in traditional academic settings. Lois was director of Re:Learning Systems at the Education Commission of the States (ECS) from 1992 to 1994. Re:Learning was a partnership between the Coalition of Essential Schools (CES) at Brown University and ECS. Prior to that, Lois served in the Arizona Department of Education as English/language arts coordinator, director of curriculum and instruction and director of curriculum and assessment planning.

Her books include: Professional Learning Communities By Design: Putting the Learning Back Into PLCs; The Other Side of Curriculum: Lessons From Learners; Powerful Designs for Professional Learning; Engaging the Disengaged: How Schools Can Help Struggling Students Succeed; and Protocols for Professional Learning. 


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