The Soul of Education: How to Develop Students’ Argumentative Writing Skills


Speaker: Kathy Glass


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Webinar Description

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Argument is sometimes referred to as the “soul” of an education because it forces students to weigh the strengths and weaknesses of multiple perspectives and question their own thinking.

When students consider different perspectives, they develop all the high-level thinking skills we want them to use in our classrooms–which is exactly why argumentative/opinion writing is the highest priority in most of the world’s top learning standards, including Common Core.

Want to sharpen your instruction practices for argumentative/opinion writing so you are following best practices and meeting these important standards?

Join writing expert Kathy Glass for a 2-hour webinar on best writing-instruction practices and strategies for grades 4-10. Find out how to guide students in honing the skills that are crucial to their success in post-secondary education: crafting a clear thesis; identifying, evaluating, and using evidence to support or challenge the thesis; and considering and incorporating counter-arguments into their writing,  Motivate and engage your students to exercise their highest-level skills by teaching them to do something they already value and appreciate: creating and defending a good argument!

Webinar Topics:

  • Why argumentation is one of the most important text forms
  • How argumentation differs from persuasion
  • Characteristic elements and structures of argument writing
  • Increase the rigor of your current writing instruction to align with standards and expectations
  • Writing checklist to guide students and inform instruction
  • Guides and resources for assessment of argumentative writing including prompts, rubric, and student checklist
  • Differentiated, hands-on instructional teaching strategies
  • A spot-on revision tool to help students refine their work


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About the Speaker

Kathy Glass

A master teacher and coach, Kathy Glass now works as a curriculum and instruction consultant to school districts across the U.S. In her 22 years in education, she has coached teachers and conducted workshops on backward design, 6 traits of writing, curriculum design and development, differentiated instruction, instructional strategies, curriculum mapping, ELA Common Core, literacy, and more. Past/current clients include the California Office to Reform Education (CORE Districts), Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD), Memphis City Schools (Memphis, TN) and Roanoke River Valley Education Consortium (North Carolina).

Among her many publications are Complex Text Decoded: How to Design Lessons and use Strategies that Target Authentic Texts (2015, ASCD; pre-publication), Mapping Comprehensive Units to the ELA Common Core Standards, 6-12 (2013, Corwin), Mapping Comprehensive Units to the ELA Common Core Standards, K-5 (2012, Corwin) and Curriculum Design for Writing Instruction and Assessment: Standards-Based Lessons and Rubrics (2005, Corwin) with a foreword by Carol Tomlinson.


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