Ready for Tier 2? Steps You Need to Take Before Implementing Supplemental Behavior Supports for Students


Speaker: Donald Kincaid


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Webinar Description

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You’ve made good progress implementing Tier 1 Schoolwide Positive Behavior Supports (SWPBS). You’ve educated your students about expected behaviors and supported and encouraged them in those behaviors at every opportunity.

Now you’re ready to provide Tier 2 supports for students. But how do you go about it so that it all works the way it is supposed to?

In this  webinar, Donald Kincaid, Ed.D., director of the Florida Positive Behavior Support Project at the University of South Florida, provides practical answers to the most common implementation issues and questions when schools begin to implement Tier 2 supports.

The 3 toughest issues for schools that are ready to implement Tier 2 supports are:

  1. How do we identify and prioritize students?
  2. What evidence-based strategies should we use for Tier 2?
  3. How do we monitor progress and make decisions about students’ responses to intervention?

This session will provide strategies for assisting schools in developing effective and efficient supplementary supports for students who are not responding to behavioral supports at the Tier 1/Universal level. School and district personnel will learn how to:

  • assess and build the necessary foundation for Tier 2 interventions,
  • select and evaluate evidence-based strategies,
  • assess the required components for implementing effective Tier 2 supports, and
  • use data for decision-making at Tier 2.

Webinar Topics:

  • Laying the foundation for successful Response to Intervention for behavior across all tiers
  • Assessing whether a school is “ready” to establish a Tier 2/supplemental system
  • Identifying and prioritizing students for that Tier 2 system
  • Identifying whether the critical components of a Tier 2 system are in place
  • Selecting evidence-based strategies
  • Monitoring progress and fidelity
  • Making decisions from progress and fidelity data


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About the Speaker

Donald Kincaid

Donald Kincaid co-directs The Florida Center for Inclusive Communities, a University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities. Donald Kincaid, EdD, is also the director of the Florida Positive Behavior Support Project at the University of South Florida and directs USF’s participation in the OSEP Positive Behavioral Supports and Interventions Center, a partnership of Universities and agencies across the country.  His professional interests include the areas of person-centered planning, positive behavior support, disabilities, and school and systems change.

Don came to the PBS Project from West Virginia University where he served as the Deputy Director of the University Affiliated Center for Developmental Disabilities for 10 years. While in West Virginia, Don directed a number of state and federal PBS Projects including the Life Quilters Project, the Tri-State Consortium for PBS, the Regional Collaborative for PBS, the Lifespan PBS Project, the School-Based PBS Project and the Crisis Intervention Network.


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