Increase the Use of Differentiated Instruction in the Classroom with Simple Strategies for Assessing Readiness, Tiering Assignments and Supporting Reading K-12


Speaker: Karen Lelli-Austin


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Webinar Description

Snapshot:  When students first enter school, whether it’s kindergarten or first grade, their teachers are highly attuned to their individual readiness to learn and willing to meet them wherever they are on the learning curve. Unfortunately, all too soon, the classroom exerts its leveling effect and suddenly all students are expected to learn the same things at the same pace.

Most educators will tell you they agree with differentiated learning in principle. The problem is putting it in practice in the classroom with its already heavy demands on a teacher’s time and resources. Assignments for individual work in class and outside pose special challenges to the teacher who wants to provide more differentiated instruction.

Do your teachers need fresh ideas on successfully implementing differentiated instruction? Karen Lelli-Austin, one of the original educational consultants on ASCD’s Differentiated Instruction Cadre, will help you increase the practice of differentiation in the classroom.

This webinar will give you and your teachers a better understanding of how to:

  • Relate differentiation to student readiness
  • Identify the characteristics of a task differentiated to students’ level of readiness
  • Collect pre-assessment data to form flexible groupings and readiness tasks
  • Determine what students should know, understand, and be able to do
  • Construct respectful, tiered assignment in various disciplines and grade levels
  • Manage a classroom using tiered assignments

Karen’s presentation will include handouts providing examples of strategies and activities that can help teachers increase use of differentiated instruction in their classrooms:

  • Entry and exit cards
  • Readiness self-assessments
  • Double-entry journals
  • Tiered questions for ELLs
  • Tiered assignment activities


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About the Speaker

Karen Lelli-Austin

Karen Lelli-Austin has consulted extensively with K-12 schools on how to build an understanding of differentiation and improve the effectiveness of differentiated classroom instruction. She began her career as an educator teaching high school English in the U.S. and abroad. More recently, she served for 5 years on the faculty of the University of Virginia’s Curry School of Education, where she was the director of summer and Saturday enrichment programs. Throughout her career, Karen’s special interests have included curriculum and instruction for second language learners and advanced learners. She is the past chair for the Special Schools and Programs Division of the National Association for Gifted Children.


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