How to Work with Data to Answer 5 Essential Questions


Speaker: Victoria Bernhardt


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A major mistake educators make when working with data is to focus too narrowly on student achievement measures. Student achievement is unquestionably the most important outcome, but it is just that, an outcome. To get insights about the changes and improvements that could increase student learning, you need to look at 3 other kinds of data–data about demographics, about students’ and teachers’ perceptions of the school and about school processes.

Victoria Bernhardt, celebrated author of 15 books about using data for continuous school improvement, shows you how to use 4 kinds of data to answer 5 essential questions that drive learning and continuous improvement. Much of this data is already available to you or easy to collect.

When schools use data effectively, they are able to see which school processes–curriculum, instruction and assessment strategies–are working and which are not working. Data on school processes can seem like the most intimidating to collect and analyze, yet they are one of the most readily available data sets.

By intersecting different kinds of data, educators can get a more well-rounded picture of their school and its challenges. Demographic data and data about student, parent and teacher perceptions help identify which student groups are experiencing school differently and can uncover hidden issues and promising strategies for improvement.

Webinar topics:

  • The 4 kinds of data, the 5 essential questions
  • Developing questionnaires that collect valuable information about student, parent and teacher perceptions
  • Intersecting one type of data with another to replace hunches with facts
  • Creating or revisiting an organizational vision
  • Measuring school processes
  • Developing questions you want the data to answer
  • Working backwards from data to identify improvement opportunities


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About the Speaker

Victoria Bernhardt

is Executive Director of Education for the Future Initiative, a not-for-profit initiative that helps learning organizations at all levels to gather, analyze, and use data to continuously improve learning for all students. Victoria L. Bernhardt, PhD, is also a professor in the College of Communication and Education at California State University, Chico.

Victoria works with learning organizations in the US and internationally to assist them with their data analysis and continuous improvement. She is the author of 15 books, all published by Eye on Education. Her books include Response to Intervention (RtI) and Continuous School Improvement (CSI): Using Data, Vision, and Leadership to Design, Implement, and Evaluate a Schoolwide Prevention System. Other books by Victoria include: From Questions to Actions: Using Questionnaire Data for Continuous School Improvement Data; Data Everywhere: Bringing All the Data Together for Continuous School Improvement; Translating Data into Information to Improve Teaching and Learning; and School Portfolio Toolkit: Planning, Implementation, and Evaluation for Continuous School Improvement.

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